Image Source Conducts Dirty Power Study

Image Source, a leading provider of office technology and business process outsourcing in San Bernardino, CA, was experiencing a high-level of customer service calls regarding equipment malfunction and downtime within their businesses.

This led to countless on-site Service visits often amounting to “No Problem Found” verdicts, which provided no clues as to the source of the issue, and left the service team and the customer without solutions.

Image Source chose to install AMETEK Electronic System Protection’s ESP power filters because of their solid reputation as the preeminent power protection and conditioning technology utilized throughout the office equipment industry since 1985. In addition, ESP power filters are routinely installed with copiers by leading manufacturers and therefore seemed like the logical choice for the Image Source study.

While the results varied from machine to machine, in every case equipment performance installed with ESP power protection was measurably better than machines installed without ESP.

The equipment with attached Digital QC’s experienced considerably higher uptime versus devices without proper protection. Image Source found a 31% decrease in service calls on the “Test Group” with filters, along with a 14% increase in Mean Copies Between Visits. The correlation between the use of ESP power protection equipment and increased equipment performance was unmistakable.

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