Bob Goldberg Joins as an Advisor to the Consortium Partners

Scottsdale, AZ, May 4 — Stramaglio Consulting has announced that Bob Goldberg joins the Consortium, a think tank for the Imaging Channel that helps the business equipment dealers grow and thrive.

The past fourteen months have presented unique challenges and opportunities for the business equipment dealer. Bob Goldberg has been in the position to counsel dealers navigating these unusual times. Bob observed that many dealers are seeking new opportunities to expand their offerings for their established customer base. Bob has agreed to work with all Consortium Partners to best present these products to the channel in a fair and equitable manner.

“The Consortium presents numerous solutions for a dealer’s consideration,” says Bob Goldberg. “Working together we can accomplish a great deal and maintain the prominent position dealers hold in the industry.”

“I’m so happy and greatly honored to have Bob join the Consortium and work with us together,” says Mike Stramaglio, President and CEO of Stramaglio Consulting and Chairman of the Consortium Board. “I have a very high respect for Bob who has provided office equipment dealers with his advice and guidance based upon his intelligence, dignity and so many years of experience in the industry.  Bob is exactly what we need to bring it all together and help the industry.”

The Consortium consists of a group of industry leaders who collaborate and establish an open collaborative platform that enables the Imaging Channel to embrace and lead Digital Transformation (DX) – data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven Business Agility. Currently, the Consortium Partners include Affinity, All Covered FORZA, Avalara,  Chassi, Clover Imaging, DSD Strategy Consulting, GreatAmerica Financial Services, Gridiron Capital, Mars International, Pros Elite Group, Predictive Insight, Performance Now, Red Sage Group, Stramaglio Consulting, The Kingston Group, ZBA Solutions as well as media partners, BPO Media and Industry Analysts.

To learn more about the Consortium, reach out to Mike Stramaglio at or 650.888.9645.

About Bob Goldberg:

Bob Goldberg has served as general counsel for the Business Technology Association since 1977. He is also of counsel to the Chicago law firm Schoenberg Finkel Beederman Bell & Glazer. He began his career serving in the Antitrust Division of the Illinois attorney general’s office and furthering his government service at the Federal Trade Commission. Goldberg writes the monthly “Courts & Capitols” column in BTA’s Office Technology magazine.

About Stramaglio Consulting:

Stramaglio Consulting is committed to taking imaging channel businesses to the next level with a focus on new technologies, innovation and consulting services. Its founder, Mike Stramaglio,  is a well-known and respected industry leader with more than 40 years’ experience in the office imaging technology channel. Most recently, he was president of MWA FORZA with Konica Minolta after its acquisition of MWA Intelligence, the company he founded in 2006. To learn more visit

SOURCE Stramaglio Consulting

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