Andy Slawetsky speaks with Chelsey Bode, the CEO of Pearson-Kelly Technology, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) based in Springfield, Missouri. Pearson-Kelly offers a range of services, including IT services, business phones, cameras, and office equipment like copiers and printers. Chelsey discusses how Pearson-Kelly started as an office equipment dealer, selling equipment from Canon, Konica Minolta and others, but has expanded to provide comprehensive business tech solutions for their customers. They have embraced diversifying their offerings to include managed IT services, hosted voice solutions, surveillance cameras, and more.

Chelsey also discusses her recent transition from President to CEO of the company, highlighting the role of Lee Flood, the executive VP turned President. She emphasizes the focus on scalability and the need to identify and focus on her strengths while delegating other responsibilities. Chelsey talks about the importance of role clarity and how the restructuring has added a refreshing dynamic to their organization. She also mentions her involvement in various advisory councils, including CDA and ConnectWise Advisory Council, and her role as the chair of the Managed Technology Association (MTA), where financial benchmarking and mutual support among members are key objectives.

This interview provides insights into Pearson-Kelly Technology’s evolution as a comprehensive business technology provider and the strategic decisions made to adapt to the changing market. It highlights their expansion beyond office equipment and their emphasis on scalability and specialization within different divisions. The interview also touches on the role of advisory councils and Chelsey’s leadership transition, showcasing her focus on role clarity and leveraging the strengths of her team.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.