Arlington, as an Authorized Distributor of TROY Products, offers a one-stop destination for office equipment resellers looking to access the most advanced and secure printing solutions on the market. TROY has an impressive track record, providing secure printing solutions to key accounts including the United States Treasury Office, and most of the large banks and insurance companies throughout the United States. Resellers in Arlington can benefit from the comprehensive range of TROY products and services, such as TROY MICR TONER SECURE™, which is recognized as the World’s Most Fraud Resistant MICR Toner™. This allows businesses to protect the security stock and printed data, ensuring that sensitive documents remain safe from tampering.

TROY’s cutting-edge security features include Printer Key Lock, Fraud Defense Toner, Locking Printer Trays, and Personalized Watermarks, which work together to provide a holistic secure printing experience. Arlington’s resellers can offer their clients the option to add digital signatures and state seals to increase document security, and work with either their existing security stock or obtain unique designs to meet specific regulations and compliance. By choosing Arlington as a distribution partner for TROY products, office equipment resellers gain access to unparalleled printing security solutions, streamlining their workflow and ensuring the safety of their clients’ valuable and sensitive documents.

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