Voices of the Industry: Great Clips Franchise

By: Voices of the Industry: Adriana Hinojosa

Houston, TX

10 Years’ Experience as a Great Clips Franchise Owner

Coming to America

In 2001, I left behind my home and my family to pursue new opportunities. I wanted more out of life than what Columbia could offer me, so I packed my things, the little money I had saved up, and I immigrated to the United States. 

I found myself in Texas, then learned the hard way that life does not always go as planned when my then boyfriend, who I had planned a future with, left me unexpectedly. I fell into depression and by the end of the month I’d moved out, stuffing all my belongings in my car. I was technically homeless, living on my friends’ couches, and considered moving back to Columbia. After an honest conversation with myself, I knew I wanted to stay in America, I got to work and continued to pursue my dreams.

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