How to Deal with Your MPS Software Dying

Recently, In Time Tec received an inquiry from a Managed Print Service (MPS) provider with a common issue. The MPS software he uses for assessments is being discontinued. The customer felt adrift, as his years of MPS business was constructed on the foundation of that software.

For MPS providers, software is the cornerstone of your offerings.  You have your favorite MPS tool that you built your business around and trained your employees in for Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Fleet Design (FD). If any of your software were to go away suddenly, you would have to make massive changes to how you operate.

In Time Tec previously covered what to look for when your software is dying. To avoid having your operation upended, paying attention to your MPS software status is critical for future planning. Take the time to self-assess your MPS software and consider if it’s time for a change.

If you have critiqued your favorite MPS FD and TCO software tools and realized it’s time for a change, the big question is now what? The first step is researching and finding new tools for your MPS needs. Fortunately, Cartos Suite is here to help.

In Time Tec is proud to offer Cartos Suite, a cloud-based software suite of MPS tools. Cartos Suite offers FD and TCO for all your MPS needs. We are constantly evolving and updating our Device Data Set (DDS) to stay current with the MPS market. DDS, our database of over 12,000 MPS devices and their consumables, powers our FD and TCO to allow for accurate recommendations.

In Time Tec is invested in constantly improving Cartos Suite. We continuously update the software based on user feedback and have a dedicated support team to help with any issues. If your MPS software provider isn’t meeting your business’s wants and needs, it’s time to consider if you should upgrade your MPS software offerings.

Aleya Ericson

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