Are you looking for a way to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty in your copier dealership or managed services provider business? Look no further than CEO Juice’s NPS® program. NPS® is the world standard for measuring customer satisfaction, and CEO Juice offers automated follow-up messages to customers to gather feedback and track NPS® scores.

What sets CEO Juice apart is their audited process, controlled by their independent AI technology, which ensures accurate and unbiased results. The numbers cannot be changed, even if a customer accidentally gives a low score. With a current NPS® score of 91.5, CEO Juice is ahead of industry giants like Amazon and Netflix, and even outperforms the Ritz Carlton and USAA. By partnering with CEO Juice, you can join the ranks of the top-rated companies and attract more loyal customers to your business.

In addition to providing NPS® scores, CEO Juice offers a variety of resources and support to help your dealership or managed services provider grow and succeed. From AI technology to expert blogs and personalized support, CEO Juice is committed to helping you reach your goals. Contact CEO Juice today to learn more about how their NPS® program and other resources can benefit your business.

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