The Power of Touchless Tech

March 2020 changed everything. Masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing- it quickly became our new normal. As people began returning to office environments, it became obvious that certain pre-COVID behavior just wasn’t going to work anymore. It wasn’t long ago that people didn’t think twice about touching shared surfaces, but now COVID-19 is said to live (and therefore spread) on surfaces ranging from hours to sometimes even days.

We are living in a time when more and more people are aware of what lives on, well, everything. And, while touchless technology like Apple Pay, automatic doors, and motion sensor lights have been around for a while, it took COVID-19 to bring the need for more advanced and diverse touchless options to our attention.

So what is touchless technology anyways? Touchless technology is defined as “any device that you can use or operate without needing to touch it.” Essentially, it calls for a better experience for both employees and customers.

Now that so many people are transitioning back to the office, the demand for touchless technology is apparent. There are countless shared surface items in an office setting — door handles, wall thermostats, light switches, chairs. They are used often and usually by many different people on any given day. Maintaining constant cleanliness on these surfaces is nearly impossible.

According to Capgemini, “People are reassessing the way they interact with organizations, demanding a whole new type of remote customer experience. In fact, 62% of consumers expect to increase their use of touchless technologies once this crisis subsides. Organizations should therefore focus on emerging technologies such as vocal interfaces, facial recognition, and mobile-based applications while addressing critical concerns over data privacy and security with fair and transparent policies.”

So, while you wipe down every chair and sanitize every desk, there are specific touchless tools you can use to alleviate some of the germ stress. Voice-activated Alexa and Siri can play office music instead of using a shared device. Employees can use their phones for touchless time clocks. Touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers allow people to clean up without getting re-germed in the process.

In Time Tec is also excited to offer touchless technology by allowing users to print on a multi-function printer (MFP) directly from their phone with their most recent app, TouchFree MFP.

With In Time Tec’s TouchFree MFP app, users can:

  1. Connect their phone to a printer or MFP on the same network
  2. Print any supported document from their phone
  3. Scan documents and save them to their phone without touching the MFP control panel
  4. Share scanned documents anywhere a phone can share
  5. Copy documents without touching the MFP control panel

To download TouchFree MFP on the App Store, click here.

To get the app on Google Play, click here.

The bottom line is less and less people are willing to touch shared surfaces. The technology needed to catch up, and the pandemic sped up the access to many touchless technologies. It’s safe to say that these touchless options are here to stay. Not only do they put consumers’ minds at ease by limiting the germs that they come in contact with, but they also add another competitive advantage that people can never get enough of–convenience.

Make the switch to touchless today. Visit to get started.

 SOURCE In Time Tec

Print Safely from Your Phone with TouchFree MFP from In Time Tec