Why Many Organizations are Leaving Themselves Exposed to Potential Data Breaches and Non Compliance.

The events of 2020 have had a major impact on organizations as they accelerated the adoption of new digital technologies to enable their staff to work effectively at home or other locations outside the conventional office environment. With 77% of organizations surveyed in the recent Quocirca Global Print Security Landscape 2020 report stating that printing will be a very important or critical aspect of their business in the coming 12 months; one area that may not have been fully addressed is security and compliance in relation to home office document printing.

Printing in a home office via USB or WIFI networked printers is generally not secure and organizations may lack effective end point monitoring and control. In the event of a data breach, this could leave organizations open to a major compliance issue and costly fines.

Download the Quocirca, Global Print Security Landscape 2020 report to access the comprehensive findings relating to; finance, professional services, public sector, industrial and retail vertical segments.

The report highlights that just 19% of organizations are classified as “print security leaders” and helps to raise IT leader’s awareness of the potential security risks of unsecured print devices and associated print infrastructure in a hybrid working environment.

“Given the significant high level of concern relating to security risks and a down shift in the level of confidence expressed by enterprises, there is a need to take action to ensure critical business services such as printing do not become the next infiltration vector,” says Eric Crump, Director of Strategic Alliances at Ringdale®.

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SOURCE Ringdale

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