Opportunities for Diversification: IT & Beyond

By: Derek Meier:

First, the pandemic, and then supply chain obstacles – it’s no wonder companies are diversifying their offerings and looking to new and emerging ancillary solutions to add to their catalog. Many realize it’s not the right move to simply hold tight and weather the storm. Instead, by pivoting and finding new ways to meet both the immediate and long-term needs of their customers, companies are able to foster long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships. 

As you, a solution provider with goals of evolving beyond print-focused offerings, head down the path of diversification, it’s important to ask yourself, “How can I protect the business I have, and continue to win new business?” As businesses continue to transition and define a new normal, we’ve seen new demands emerge. Solution providers will need to take new products and services offerings into consideration and prepare to compete with others inside and outside of their space in new ways. Many of these opportunities tie directly to the network itself.

Getting into the network game makes a lot of sense. After all, copiers and printers hang on the network. In fact, understanding and being able to talk intelligently about the network is now the ticket to entry on many of the solutions we’ll cover here today.

So what diversification opportunities should you consider? Let’s dig in.

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SOURCE GreatAmerica

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