We are proud to announce that NT-ware has once again been certified as the most family-friendly employer in the region and county of Osnabrück.

At NT-ware we care about our employees. Today a work-life balance of family and career is a primary issue so, by offering benefits that go over and above the norm, we aim to make working at NT-ware as rewarding as possible. Hopefully this allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance, enjoy your work and will be as productive as you can. External recognition means a lot to us and shows we are on the right track when it comes to supporting you in your daily jobs.

Being certified as the most family-friendly employer will also help us recruit new colleagues and together, we can grow our business. It is great to be known as one of the best-practice examples in the region of Osnabrück. Special mention was made about our day care center, relocation assistance for employees moving from abroad to Germany and our highly flexible working hours.

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Source: NT – Ware