Need help planning your President’s Club trip?  How about an off-site meeting or event? We are proud to announce that HelmsBriscoe has partnered with IBPI to provide their services to our Membership.  HelmsBriscoe will be a part of the IBPI Perks program and even though their services do not qualify for a rebate, their services are FREE.  That’s right, using this service is completely FREE to our Members.

Rick Greene with HelmsBriscoe has been helping IBPI secure hotel and meeting space for our Board Meetings, VIP Events and our annual member event, IBPI Connect for over 20 years.  He saves us time and money every time we use this service and now we are passing this opportunity along to you!


HelmsBriscoe provides no-charge site selection services to corporate, association and government clients that plan off-site meetings and events requiring hotel sleeping rooms of 10 rooms or more per night.  On their behalf, we research hotels and other meeting venues that match their criteria.

Best of all, there is no cost to utilize our services because we are compensated by the hotel you ultimately select. This is a risk free proposition because:

  • We Provide Purchasing Power – To be sustainable, organizations need to maximize the return of every dollar spent.  We are the largest single source of group rooms in the world, with that comes purchasing power.  In 2022, HelmsBriscoe associates booked 36,000 programs, 6.2 million room nights for a total of $1.425 billion in total room revenue.   Our services are at no cost to you, as the hotels pay HelmsBriscoe a placement fee.  Be assured that this will not inflate your room rates, as hotels consider HB a partner in bringing them business.
  • We Save You Time – In today’s market, organizations are leaner with a focus on being more efficient and effective.  Outsourcing site selection saves you an enormous amount of time. In placing groups at hotels we have found that it takes a great deal of time to contact all the hotels, follow-up phone calls, emails and contract negotiations.
  • We Save You Money – By assisting with these tasks, we free up your time to accomplish your many other tasks.  We act as an extension of your efforts but add nothing to your operating budget.
  • We Deliver Value – When searching any given area, we have the ability to receive first hand information about a property.  My goal is to offer the right hotel/venue to make the most informed choice, thereby ensuring the success of your meeting, while making certain that every dollar invested in the event returns the greatest value.  Take advantage of our destination and facilities knowledge, and preferential treatment from hotels worldwide.
  • We Give You Access to Information – As a client of HelmsBriscoe, you will have access to HB’s proprietary hotel database, better known as InSite.  This new technology tool archives meeting planner feedback and performance history in the areas of facility coordination, guest service, food and beverage, and overall guest satisfaction.  We consider this information to be extremely valuable in the site selection process.  While past performance is no guarantee of a successful future program, this provides recent product knowledge to assist in making your hotel decisions.  In addition, any challenges experienced by other HelmsBriscoe clients can be addressed contractually or directly with the hotel during the program-planning phase.   With over 36,000 programs operating each year, our collective data cannot be found in any directories, brochures or hotel websites.
  • We Enhance Your Industry Relationships – I will represent the interests of my clients in each business transaction.  You will benefit from our strong relationships within the hospitality industry and our partnership with today’s finest hotels, resorts and hotel companies.Many of our clients stay connected and enjoy the benefits of working with national hotel sales contacts.  By partnering with HelmsBriscoe, we will not interfere with these relationships. With the added HB business volume, and our working experience with many of the same major chains, your buying power will become even stronger.

For more information and to get started, contact

Rick Greene
Senior Director Global Accounts

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