How cool would it be to sell a software solution with broad universal appeal that every print company’s operation needs? More specifically, a prepress solution that works universally on any production printer. Typically, prepress solutions only work on the manufacturer’s device. But what if you could displace some software when you sell a new device to a shop with mixed manufacturers’ equipment and have the added benefit of making print production more efficient for your customer?

Look no further than ReadyPrint prepress suite. ReadyPrint provides something new to sell with broad appeal. Not convinced? Here are four reasons you should always be ready to talk about ReadyPrint with customers and prospects.

  1. Because it’s a one-size-fits-all solution that works with any production printer brand, discuss ReadyPrint every time you place a printer, particularly if their current brand’s prepress solution is unique to that production printer. Big, little, or small, ReadyPrint works in many different situations and environments. And, if you want to displace another brand with your hardware and software, the universal nature of ReadyPrint is difficult to dispute.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates