SalesChain, exhibited their cloud-based technology solutions at the BTA Spring Break event. Founded in 2002 and based in Waterbury, Connecticut, SalesChain provides purpose-built cloud-based technology solutions that automate business workflows for office technology resellers and manufacturers. Their primary data center is housed at Cyrus One Wappingers Falls, New York, and they support dealers in 46 states and 3 Canadian provinces. Many of their customers, including the Gordon Flesch Company, have been with them for over 14 years, which speaks volumes about SalesChain’s commitment to quality service.

Initially, SalesChain focused on empowering sales teams with information, organization, and automation, particularly in managing lease portfolio turns. However, they expanded their value proposition to cover the entire office equipment enterprise. Their services now include proposal pricing, documentation, order fulfillment workflow, service pricing, commissions, delivery workflow automation, and document management. SalesChain has also developed integrations with some of the industry’s most respected companies, including ECI’s e-Automate.

At the BTA Spring Break event, Kim Young represented SalesChain and showcased the company’s cloud-based technology solutions to potential customers. The event provided an excellent platform for SalesChain to network with industry leaders, gain exposure, and establish itself as a leading provider of cloud-based technology solutions in the office technology industry. With their expanded value proposition and integrations with respected industry players, SalesChain is a valuable partner for office technology resellers and manufacturers seeking to streamline their workflows and improve efficiency.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.