The Business Technology Association’s Spring Break conference in Orlando brought together office technology dealerships, resellers, manufacturers, distributors and service companies, including GreatAmerica Financial Services. During the event, GreatAmerica showcased its innovative programs, products and services designed to meet the unique business needs of each channel they serve.

Jennie Fisher, a long-time employee of GreatAmerica Financial Services, also celebrated her 30th anniversary working at the company. Fisher’s dedication and loyalty to GreatAmerica highlights the company’s commitment to building enduring relationships and delivering on its promises to its customers.

GreatAmerica Financial Services was founded in 1992 by Tony Golobic with the goal of creating a company that valued service to its customers and embraced the entrepreneurial spirit. Since then, the company has built a reputation for deep loyalty with its channel partners and championing the importance of relationship and service over a commodity-based approach.

One of the core guiding principles of GreatAmerica Financial Services is to continuously enhance value through innovation and improvement. The company’s focus on innovation is reflected in its architecture of participation, which is organized into eight segments, each immersing itself into its respective market and tapping into the complex dynamics that go into making a business successful.

GreatAmerica’s expertise is gained through internal training, dealer councils, industry events and intense research in the industry each business unit serves. This knowledge informs all levels of the company and creates a fertile environment that fosters innovative problem-solving.

Empowerment, cross-training, and the culture of innovation are critical to the continued success of GreatAmerica Financial Services. The sharing of team roles creates a feedback loop essential to the smooth and consistent delivery of its services.

While equipment financing is the core business of GreatAmerica, the company consistently invests in resources that add value and support the unique business needs of each channel it serves to drive long-term growth for its customers. GreatAmerica helps businesses set themselves apart by providing solutions and integrations that excite and engage their customers.

GreatAmerica Financial Services has become an employer of choice in Eastern Iowa, with high retention rates and internal satisfaction levels that translate directly into a positive and consistent customer experience. The company’s commitment to service and innovation has helped it become a leader in the financial services industry.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.