CEO Juice is a company that provides Business and Artificial Intelligence for Copier Dealers and office equipment resellers in North America. Their software and systems ensure that your business is running as efficiently and smoothly as possible, and their team of experts can help with any software and best practice questions you may have. They know when something goes wrong and have the intelligence to take the correct steps to address the issue.

The 2022 NPS Awards are out, and CEO Juice calculates Net Promoter Scores for the copier/imaging channel in North America and certifies the numbers as accurate. Net Promoter Score is the worldwide standard for measuring customer satisfaction levels. It’s a scale from -100 to +100, with 10 being the current average for a US company. NPS® is a scale based on the single question, “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?” This allows CEO Juice to measure customer satisfaction levels with their software and systems, and provide their customers with valuable feedback to help them improve their business.

This program is used by over 95% of large Copier Dealers in North America, and the top 10% of all dealers using the CEO Juice system have seen the benefits of their NPS program. By using a third-party company to automate follow-up messages to customers and track NPS, CEO Juice is able to provide accurate and audited data that cannot be changed, even if a customer gives a low score in error. This allows businesses to truly understand their customer satisfaction levels and make the necessary changes to improve their business.

The CEO Juice program is a valuable tool for copier dealers and office equipment resellers looking to improve their business and understand their customer satisfaction levels. With their Business and Artificial Intelligence systems, along with their NPS program, businesses can run efficiently and smoothly, while also receiving valuable feedback to help improve their operations. So, consider using CEO Juice for your business and take advantage of their expertise and cutting-edge technology to drive your success.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.