Why People Are the Key to Success in a Changing World

By Allison Kern, Konica Minolta – The past year has been a time of transformation across all aspects of life. It has tested our ability to multi-task and adapt, forcing many of us to completely reinvent the daily routines we’ve lived in for years. While everyone has been faced with unique challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, the disruption it’s caused has provided a moment to pause, step back and look at how we live our lives. It has also given many of us the opportunity to evaluate our routines and make changes to help us be more successful, efficient and happy.

This moment of reflection and transformation isn’t exclusive to the individual. Organizations across the US and globally have been forced to adapt business strategies and long-held policies to accommodate the quickly changing landscape. Early on in 2020, the rapid onset of the pandemic forced companies to jump headfirst into the digital transformation activities they had been planning for and strategizing about for years, replacing traditional programs and practices with more flexible, agile ones. This rapid transformation means that after the pandemic ends, we’ll be entering into a world that’s forever changed.

As individuals and organizations analyze and reflect, something has become abundantly clear: the value and importance of people. One of the most difficult aspects of the pandemic has been the need to remain socially distanced from family members, friends and co-workers. Weekly get-togethers or regular conversations in the office which were taken for granted months ago, are now the things people miss and value the most.

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