As a copier dealer or office equipment reseller, keeping track of sales commissions can be a hassle. This is where SalesScoreKeeper comes in. SalesScoreKeeper is a commissions software manufacturer that focuses on helping businesses automate every aspect of their sales commission process. It seamlessly integrates with most ERP, CRM, and CPQ systems, making data entry a breeze.

With SalesScoreKeeper, managing multiple levels of quotas is easy, allowing businesses to incent reps on more than one line of business with ease. It also has the capability to process bonuses based on reps’ achievements, with overrides for managers and specialists. Multiple managers, reps, and specialists can be paid on any transaction, making commission management a breeze. Additionally, SalesScoreKeeper can process commissions from recurring services like MNS, MPS, VOIP and calculate discounted service based on published prices to charge back transactions. With SalesScoreKeeper, businesses can streamline their commission management process and free up time for more important tasks.

While there are other commission management software solutions available in the market, SalesScoreKeeper stands out due to its ability to handle every aspect of sales commission processing. It offers seamless integration, tracks multiple quotas, processes bonuses and overrides, and calculates service chargebacks. If you’re a copier dealer or office equipment reseller with a commissions-based sales force, you should consider SalesScoreKeeper as it can help make commission management a hassle-free task.

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SOURCE SalesScoreKeeper