Overstuffed Filing Cabinets, Paper Files Piled Up – PSIGEN Helps Commercial Carrier Convert to Digital

Trisura is one of Canada’s fastest growing specialty commercial carriers.

The company’s devotion to superior service, as well as its innovative solutions for contract and commercial surety, directors’ and officers’ liability, fidelity, professional liability, media liability and warranties, have helped it grow to nearly $100 million in premiums in just eight years.

“With PSIGEN PSIsafe, all of our information, enterprise-wide, is secure and easily accessible, all in one place. That’s very different from paper-based environments, or Windows shared environments. In those, documents can be stored in various methods, and may not be easy to retrieve. That’s not the case at all with PSIsafe. No matter what we need, information is at our fingertips — and users are very happy.”


Vice President, Information Systems

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