“One of our major jobs is to print catalogs for Health and Safety programs offered by the Red Cross. A typical run is 8,000 catalogs with four pages printed in multiple colors. For a long time, we were using an older RISO Printer-Duplicator to do the job. This technology is very reliable and allowed us to print the catalogs economically and as needed. However, we began incorporating a lot of color into our catalogs. That meant we had to run the pages through the system in separate passes for each color because the orher model was designed for spot color,” says their IT administrator.

When RISO introduced its full color ComColor™ ink jet printer, he saw an immediate opportunity to increase productivity and leverage the impact of full color with a system specifically engineered for this purpose.

“The ComColor machine is an ideal way for us to enhance our operations and upgrade our finished product. It’s designed for full color printing and delivers incredible speed. With this technology, we can produce 1,000 catalogs in a day. That includes printing them on the ComColor, and then folding and stitching them. It’s a great fit for our needs. While we’ve kept the other model busy with all our one or two color jobs and all our envelopes and card stock, the new ComColor has taken

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