7 Free Augmented Reality Apps For Hybrid & Traditional Learning

By Judy Ngyuen, All Covered – I recently presented at CUE-Nevada’s virtual conference, CUE’D UP 2020, on ways to introduce augmented reality (AR) to your students. During my presentation I demonstrated seven apps using Zoom’s screen share using Apple Airplay mirroring feature.

If you will have access to Zoom in the fall, this tool allows you to easily lead an AR experience using your iPhone/iPad and your computer. Students can follow along as you guide them through a virtual tour of World War II vehicles, demonstrate the importance of free rivers or invite a chicken into your living room.

If not demonstrating these experiences live, you can record yourself doing the demonstration and your students can interact with these apps at home with their own devices. Most of these apps are available on both Google and Apple platforms. Below outlines seven recommended apps and the benefits of each.

1) Google AR Expeditions

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