uniFLOW 2021 LTS – Combining The Power of the Cloud with the Flexibility of On-Premise

uniFLOW, with its built-in hybrid technology, continues to combine on-premise and cloud resources while simultaneously satisfying the most sophisticated secure print and document scanning processes. uniFLOW 2021 LTS comes with several new features, including the download of print jobs from uniFLOW Online, and the time-saving background scan upload. The release also includes all the previous features of uniFLOW 2020v2 and 2020v3.

Extension of the uniFLOW hybrid platform

With its connection to uniFLOW Online, uniFLOW server continues to bridge the gap for businesses in their digital evolution bringing the traditional server-based print and scan environment into a highly flexible hybrid system. In this latest release the hybrid capabilities of uniFLOW server have been greatly extended by adding the possibility to download jobs from uniFLOW Online, and the ability to combine scan workflows coming from uniFLOW server and uniFLOW Online.

Download of print jobs from uniFLOW Online

uniFLOW Online offers many print job submission methods that are not available to uniFLOW server – such as printing via the Chrome Extension and/or printing via Universal Print by Microsoft®. With uniFLOW 2021 LTS these print jobs can be downloaded to the uniFLOW server and then processed through server workflows like the on-premise budget control, used in an education setting or specific customized projects. For customers it is combing the power of the cloud with the flexibility of an on-premise solution.

Hybrid device scanning combining the best of both worlds

By combining scan workflows from both uniFLOW server and uniFLOW Online in the screen of the Canon MEAP scanning applet, the setup experience for capturing, processing, and storing documents has been made easy. With this exciting development, companies do not need to invest in a scan processing server in every office location – depending on the required workflows. Also, no setup is needed for ‘scan to myself’ as that is by default available in uniFLOW Online, and setup time of cloud destinations is reduced by using uniFLOW Online scan profile templates. Furthermore, new scan capabilities from uniFLOW Online, like filing assist or receipt scanning, become also available to on-premise server installations.

Greatly improved scanning experience

Through the years Canon multifunctional devices have become much faster at scanning. However, sending scanned pages from the device to a uniFLOW server is not always as fast, and therefore, user’s perception of scanning larger documents was slow. To overcome this, scans can now be uploaded in the background, allowing users to continue with further steps in the scanning workflow whilst the scan is being processed.

To further improve uniFLOW’s scanning capabilities, it is now possible to automatically split large-sized attachments in separate emails, when scanning to email, and to scan different paper size documents from the uniFLOW MEAP scan applet on Canon imageRUNNER DX devices.

Users of Canon imageRUNNER, imageCLASS, i-SENSYS and Satera devices, used in hybrid mode, can now access powerful scan workflows deployed via uniFLOW Online (e.g. Scan to Myself or My Filing Assist).

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