PaperCut Explains How Cloud Print Management Works

By Kieron Byatt, PaperCut – So you’ve outsourced your payroll and personnel software to cloud services. You don’t need on-premise servers anymore… almost!

There’s still one piece of hardware you’re relying on – your print server.

You can’t print without a printer (obviously) so you can’t throw away your MFD/copier. What about the print server? You’re using the cloud for all your other business needs, why not your printing?

Look, let’s be real for a second. When it comes to print management cloud services, there’s one simple fact…

Clouds can’t talk to printers

Here’s the issue…

You’re sitting at your computer, right next to your printer. Traditionally, your printer and computer are connected by a wireless or wired network and your secure and quick printing has historically been facilitated with an on-prem print server.

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