Pros Elite Group Announces New Industry First Technician Dashboard Portal

Pros Elite Group Announces New “Industry First” Technician Dashboard Portal To The PIVOT Business Analytics Software!

In 2019 the PROS ELITE GROUP announced its newest product offering PIVOT Business Analytics. The latest feature eliminates the need for Service Executives to provide field technicians performance related reporting or details.

Service Executives are often required to establish performance goals for their technicians and provide ongoing information to Techs on their actual performance to plan. Some of the questions often asked by techs are:

  • What is my current month to date productivity to my goals?
  • Which machines caused an incomplete call?
  • Can you provide the details on which machines I received a Call Back on?
  • What is my Gross Calls month to date to my plan
  • What is my current accountable time for the month?
  • Where is my parts usage month to date towards my spending plan?

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