In May last year, the Supreme Court suffered one of the worst breaches of trust in its history with the leak of a draft opinion.

⚠️ Months of ‘spare no expense’ investigation could not find the leak’s source, but it uncovered something equally important: an inadequate security system to track the printing and copying of sensitive documents.

Throughout the report, several examples were given of individuals having unrestricted copying, anonymous email at MFP, local printers, printing from home, etc.

If the US Supreme Court and the FBI can’t determine document-related security gaps – how can a typical business? 😱

YSoft SafeQ Cloud would have easily cracked this mysterious leak open, thanks to:

🔒 zero-trust authentication;

🔒 user authentication – our authentication agnostic platform integrates with main IAM market leaders like Ping, Okta, or Azure AD;

🔒 role-based access – administrators can restrict access to specific printers based on the user’s role;

🔒 data encryption in all connections to avoid a leak based on an infected device.

Stay safe!

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