Flex Technology Group (FTG) held their Leaders Meeting in Costa Mesa CA February 8.

Senior executives from partners such as Canon, HP, Konica Minolta and Sharp were in attendance as Frank Gaspari opened the day with a review of their year.

With an 11% YoY increase in revenue, FTG is in hyper-growth mode, poking holes in any theories suggesting there’s no money in production, office and managed print services.

This video is a summary of speakers and photos of many of the 170 attendees, “the best of the best” as Frank can be heard referring to his team.

FTG is all about their people and a good part of the conference was spent recognizing those that went above and beyond throughout all parts of the company. A lot of big checks were handed out!

Frank indicated during his presentation that FTG would continue to grow organically in 2023 as well as through acquisitions. Those selling to Flex will join a large family of dealers that don’t seem to change much once they’re acquired. In fact, most of their owners stay on for years to run their location under their name, not Flex’s.

I met many previous owners at this conference who are now partners and they are all happy with their decisions and have no plans to leave. That says quite a bit. These dealers were acquired for a reason and Flex doesn’t mess with that, they just make them better, especially with respect to managed print services.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.