uniFLOW Online 2021.1 – Cloud-Based Scan to Email and Touchless Operation of Devices

uniFLOW Online 2021.1 addresses today´s office challenges in the light of the pandemic, offering options for touchless device operation to keep the amount of commonly used surfaces to a minimum. This release also aims to increase office productivity by making scan to email using Exchange® Online available to users. Scanned documents are sent to the selected recipients in the name of the user’s email address directly from a multifunctional printer (MFD).

Gain better office productivity with Scan to Exchange® Online

Introducing Microsoft Exchange® Online as an output destination allows users to scan and send jobs directly via email to colleagues or business partners directly from the MFD located in a communal area. Users select the intended recipient for the scan from the device’s user interface (UI), sending an email in the name of their own email address. Additionally, the email appears in the user’s email account under their ‘sent items’.

Touchless device operation

Any opportunity to avoid touching surfaces on communal devices or other items is more important than ever in light of the current global pandemic. This latest uniFLOW Online release addresses this need with two new options. The uniFLOW Online Print & Scan app has been enhanced to release print jobs directly from a mobile phone or tablet. By simply scanning the QR code displayed on the device’s UI, the user authenticates at the device and releases the selected print jobs. Alternatively, the optional auto-release feature releases all print jobs automatically after 5 seconds once the user has authenticated with a quick card swipe.

Both options take away the need to touch the device UI.

Continuous improvements

All core uniFLOW Online functionalities are continuously upgraded and many minor enhancements and bug fixes are included with uniFLOW Online 2021.1.

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