Is Your Client’s Data Protected? Make Sure with Hytec

Take Action With Hytec Drive SecureSM

All digital imaging equipment contains at least one hard drive that stores data, which may be confidential. This data is most susceptible to a security breach when the hard drive is replaced, or at the end of lease.

Hytec Drive SecureSM provides full hard drive sanitization & data destruction services based on your needs. The Hytec Drive SecureSM program is fully insured and bonded, and Hytec is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID).

Complete Solution

Replacement Drive • Secure Shipping & Chain-of-Custody •
Data Destruction • Certification of Data Destruction

This is Hytec’s turn-key solution that provides HD replacement and destruction services, with secure chain-of-custody and shipping.

Hard Drive Sanitization

Data Sanitization (DoD 5220.22-M) •
Certification of Data Destruction • Return of Clean Drive

A perfect solution for service providers who are comfortable taking possession of a client’s drives, sending them to Hytec for data erasure, and then receiving a certificate of data destruction and a clean drive. This supports all green initiatives, and allows service providers to offer a very competitive client solution at lease end.

Hard Drive Destruction

Drive Destruction • Certification of Drive Destruction

This service option completely destroys drives by an industrial-grade shredding process, randomizing discharge material, and rendering all data completely unreadable.

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