SAAS Is All About Value

SalesChain aims to maximize our value within the dealer channel as one system, one solution that can empower everyone in your business. The equation is simple – more tools for less money means more value. In addition to providing powerful tools for salespeople, we offer solutions to many of the complex financial and operational problems that dealers face. When everyone in your business uses the same system to gather data, your whole business can be automated much more effectively. All of this for one low price.

With all the tools we’ve created, sometimes we forget to, or simply don’t have time to talk about all of them! Today, we wanted to present five tools within our system that you may not be familiar with, but that can offer significant benefits for your operational efficiency.

1) Unlimited e-Sign Built in

Your customers value time and will prioritize a system that features ease of use and efficiency.  SalesChain’s is the only vendor in our class to offer secure and unlimited e-Sign document capability that is built right into our product.

Since most customers will finance their deals with leasing companies, electronic signatures are an attractive addition, leading to expedited paperwork processing and fewer human errors between sales representatives and the back office. Obtaining electronic signatures will cut the time it takes to close deals, whether a customer signs on the spot using a tablet or iPad or reviews and signs a locked document package sent via email.  In fact, we were able to help our customers cut their days shipped outstanding (DSO) by 50%.

Workflow notifications triggered by this signature process can be sent to the signer, the sales representative, and any other desired operational staff.

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