In January, IA Inc’s Andy Slawetsky gave a presentation for the BTA Building My Business Webinar Series.

Here are the topics discussed in this video:

  • Biggest news of 2022
  • Acquisitions
  • Mega dealers
  • Inflation
  • 2023 supply chain
  • Remote work
  • DX
  • End of cloud
  • Ecommerce
  • Impact of AI/ChatGPT

The Business Technology Association (BTA) began in 1926 when a group of typewriter dealers and entrepreneurs met in Kansas City MO. This group has sold many product categories over the years, but they’ve always been B2B driven.

Yesterday it was typewriters, then calculators, today is copiers, what will tomorrow be?

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Full Video Transcript

[Music] all right welcome everyone I’m Brent

Hoskins I serve as executive director of the business technology Association and we’d like to welcome you today to this

BTA building my business webinar today’s webinar is what’s happening in the industry uh Imaging industry to be

presented by Andy slowetsky who’s president of the industry analyst Inc as you all know uh special thanks to Sharp

Electronics Corporation our sponsor for today’s webinar the company’s been very supportive of BTA and the dealer Channel

we were talking about that a moment ago how we uh welcomed seeing uh Mike marousek at so many BTA events through

the years uh sharp has been a member of a continuous member of the association for nearly 22 years if you have

questions along the way uh just type them into the chat or the Q a there on the screen and then we will address

those at the end of the presentation so with that let’s get started Andy I’ll turn it over to you

what’s happening great to see you Brent it is an honor to be on another BTA

annual kickoff a webinar I guess this is becoming a little bit of a habit something I really enjoy to do uh we

have about an hour to go through uh what I what I would say is going on in the industry and and we’re gonna just I’m

not gonna spend too much time on this I think Brent’s gonna hopefully make the uh presentation available to you guys

afterwards but just a little bit about just some of our numbers over the last year we had a phenomenal year over a

million page views uh almost 300 000 website visitors 3 600 views of BTA

articles that is um a pretty high number for us and uh we had a record number of

newsletter reads we had over almost three quarters of a million opens and reads of our newsletters so a million

views of our of our YouTube videos always nice spent the year it was a very very busy

year for us as well as you guys I’m sure and we know it because we were there right me and Jake were out there uh

mostly me but Jay came with me on a few of these trips a couple times at Dex we had a POA event Marco UTech kdi we

stopped in uh I was at itg Arizona a couple times uh once actually the wrong week all the way out to Arizona for that

but you can see we spent a lot of time with some just amazing dealers and and if there’s an event that you guys have

going on uh and and it’s something that you want some coverage on I’d always be honored to come down and see your people

see your shut your shop and and your operation uh very busy as far as other

events going you know typical BTA events there was Chicago there was Asheville there was Orlando I didn’t go to all of

them I went to three out of four of them these are all links by the way most of these are pictures of the events so if you want to go through these afterwards

you can hit hit some of these uh ECS was just recently last week I’m gonna spend some time talking about UCS ivpi

American Co-op bpca lots of great events and then all the OEM vendor events right so there were tons of those from Konica

to uh to sharp sharp had a road show Rico had some stuff going on with uh

with a charity event that we were involved with and and several companies uh Patricia Ames if you’re watching she

was one of the sponsors too but Mars and high tech um lots and lots of companies in our industry were involved in this this

charity charity golf event putting on the pink it’s down in Atlanta every September so just a great great bunch of

outings and uh it really has helped I think shape my perspective uh for the industry so I’m kind of racing through

this part in the first few slides here because this is stuff that you’ve either seen in my newsletter or where you’ve

seen um just in clicking on it but we’re just going to bounce back and forth these were the biggest articles that we

had in 2023 uh the gist of it is Rico’s been acquiring uh Konica Minolta has

been restructuring and moving things around and and Xerox has had some um an interesting year with you know

some tough earnings and some um some some issues with supply chain

not that everyone else didn’t have those as well but a little closer to those earnings since we’re here in the states so now we’re going to really start what

we’re here to talk about I’m doing a little bit different presentation than I have typically done in the past where we

really just go through the vendors and the A to Z what everyone’s doing uh it’s getting more challenging to do that with

some vendors some vendors are really really good at at keeping us updated we see them often they communicate they um

you know webinars and and meetings at their place and meetings with other people and then there’s other vendors

who haven’t had a meeting an industry meeting in over five years so um so we’re gonna go a different

direction these are the topics I think based on the year that we had I’m gonna talk about what I what I feel has been

sort of at every meeting a common theme at all these meetings uh ECS was something that we were talking about

certainly for the second half of the Year Acquisitions were a big a big Trend this year Mega dealers I want to talk a

little bit about these guys inflation is something you’ve all been dealing with at 2023 supply chain remote work DX and

you can read all of these so these are what I think are important topics based on what I’m seeing out there based on

you know just what’s going on in technology um and let’s move on we’ll start we’ll Jump Right In with uh with ECS so raise

your hand if you were at ECS um awesome awesome conference this was the second one in a row that Mike

stromalia put on in the desert in Scottsdale in uh the middle of winter

you have thought everybody north of the Mason-Dixon Line would have been very happy with the weather but it was

actually pretty cold there and and even raining some of the time but it was um it was unbelievable the meetings that he

had he had almost 300 people there I think last year was closer to 200. they really blew it out this year a couple

companies that were really involved in running it I think Great America was the the main company running it but then

connect wise and just virtually all the companies in our industry most of the companies in our industry were

sponsoring in one way or another there were a few oems you know who you are you really you know could have had somebody there

it was a missed opportunity I think but there was everybody from small dealers to the mega dealers you had people at

just the biggest and the smallest people at all levels and then vendors oems and just incredible incredible topics and

some of these topics uh were from industry people but a lot of these topics were discussed and we had presentations from people outside the

industry and I think the value of that to anybody in our world whether you’re a dealer whether you’re a partner uh

whether you’re an oem it’s just it’s a great way to think outside the box it’s a great way to get some alternative

perspective on what’s happening in the industry we had a data analytics AI presentation that was Tammy Beach I’ve

got that um uh I’ve got that presentation on my our YouTube channel uh the entire presentation we had

multiple presentations on digital transformation there was also a panel on that there were dealer pen there was a

panel of dealers on it there was a diversity panel that Jenny Fisher ran uh women in leadership roles and and and so

they had just some great great people on on that panel and and again we’ve got video of all that uh they talked about

e-commerce they had Anthony ski from from uh um key Point intelligence talking a

little bit about that and then also he was on a panel uh which was facilitated by uh by Ed McLaughlin so you know

competitors were up there multiple uh multiple people talking from different perspectives about e-commerce but

certainly something that we’re going to focus on um a little bit more in this presentation a great presentation on

Hiring Heroes you know hiring is something that we’ve all had issues uh with you’ve all had issues with I should

say you know bta’s got a phenomenal program with vet tech and and and this Hiring Heroes program

um great picture of Valerie holding up one of the vet tech uh shirts I think at the event BTA sent a bunch of people to

this year’s event I think that was the first time that they’ve they’ve done that at ECS dealer panels as I mentioned

they had an incredible and chilling I would say presentation on Cyber

insurance that makes me want to to change my pre my title from president to

anything but president or CEO that’s what the big takeaway I had but you know it’s just three days of non-stop

meetings if anything if I had a complaint it was just you didn’t have time to catch your breath and actually

you know make some phone calls and and get some emails done it was literally one meeting after another one one

presentation and each one was as good or better than the next so there was just no place to jump out and get any real

work done but man talk about a just a valuable use of your time and and if you

weren’t there this year I encourage you talk to me talk to Mr malio uh either one will catch you in there but there’s

tons of people involved with it that’ll that’ll tell you a little more about it in detail and also help you get in and

maybe more involved next year but I highly encourage everybody you know just don’t miss an opportunity like that it’s

an amazing event and then just an incredible way to kick off the year right so you know get your head on straight get to the desert hopefully

it’ll be a little warmer next year we did have an nice nice end of the event with some golf and and and that was that

was pretty nice so moving on um the the trend in the industry it’s

been the trend in the industry for for quite a while now for for several years it’s Acquisitions right and here’s a

list of the of the Haves and and you know there’s some have-nots that probably aren’t on this list that got bought they’re they’re the ones that

these guys are picking up Dex once again leading the way eight Acquisitions Kelly connect six uh RJ young for I want to

let just before we get too much further into this these are just the ones that I’ve seen uh I’m sure I’ve missed some

and and then quite frankly a lot of these guys don’t publish them and and you know if you’re out there and you’re

not publishing them um please change your mind send them to me send them to to Patricia CJ enx you

know we all love uh sharing this news it’s it’s really helpful I think for everybody to keep up on it it’s not a

secret we’re all going to find out you know as soon as you contact your leasing companies we all know but I I generally

don’t like to publish them unless you’re publishing them so back to this you know we’re seeing some significant activity

continuing activity yubio uh dbb Fishers these guys have been Gordon flesh

novitec on fire for several years Donald McCarthy had a bunch last year and you know based on some conversations I had

at UCS we’re going to see a bunch more at it this year I am curious to see if

this trend continues at the level at it um that we saw in 2022 right uh interest

rates I think may play a part into this there are some companies on this unless they’re buying with cash they don’t have

a problem with that there are some companies on this list that are leveraging some cells and you know as we

as we get to the point of um interest rates and and if they stay where they are it’s going to be more challenging

for some of the people on this list I think to keep doing that uh you also wonder at some point whether some of the

companies that are buying with capital with Venture Capital whether that might change but so far you know we haven’t

seen any change last year was full steam ahead and and the rich got much much richer and and they just um they just

kept growing through acquisition two companies I was surprised that that were in acquisition mode I think the year

before and I didn’t see anything from them this year and they’re biggies so Marco and POA um

my understanding is both of them will probably start acquiring again this year and there may even be some news sometime

you know sooner than later uh but you know they did uh they did take the their foot off the the pedal a little bit and

interesting enough they did have incredible growth both those companies did very well last year and and so that

was all organic you look at somebody like Dex dex’s growth was unbelievable and you know a big chunk of that besides

where organic growth was obviously you know all these companies they picked up eight companies means you picked up the

revenue from eight companies and some of them were on you know some of them were decent size so um you know we saw some good companies

uh good long time names brands that are kind of going away this year and and uh

you know that trend is just going to continue and and you know that that’s just something I I don’t see changing

much although I do think maybe it could slow down a little bit but it’s it’s still going to keep going there’s just

there’s no reason for that to stop at this point um outside of the dealer rule we had a

lot of Industry what I would call industry Acquisitions right so ricobot 6 companies that I’m aware of uh in in the

US and EU some of them were in our world a couple of them were in other other areas EFI

three three companies that they bought last year and I’m gonna break the news right now EFI had major major news today

they spun off uh they’ve spun off fires fiery is back where they started they

are now um I think going to be completely focused on our industry and you know EFI

had grown to a billion dollar company over the years and and uh they had moved into some areas that quite frankly you

guys just aren’t in you know fabric printing these major um I mean major fabric printing presses

I don’t even know what you call someone how you would um how you would describe some of these

but they’re just they’re just ceramic printers and just things that are just you know half million million dollar plus uh devices that have nothing to do

with with what we do so um kudos to them for for kind of moving

this this part of their company back into uh you know what what it originally started as right yeah if I started as

EFI fiery and that’s what we all know them from and so I think we’re going to see a lot more Focus from them going

forward they never really pulled out of this industry but I know a lot of the attention that they had um was being focused in other areas

their print show right now is going on EFI connect which is now called I believe it’s EPS connect they sold that

off that property last year that’s one of the things in Acquisitions I believe that’s actually one of the three I counted that in the in the Acquisitions

they sold that not not bought it Xerox bought three companies key Point uh key point was very active this year Great

America even bought some assets this year HP bought someone Clover bought someone open text Arlington uh acquired

um and dado and became part of caseya uh connect wise acquired Crawford

Technologies Bureau so you’re just seeing tons and tons of action and and it’s just you know our industry and

peripheral Industries there’s no you know there’s no secret here that we’re going to have less we we’ve got more

companies than we need we have too many printer companies we all know that and and there’s not you know no reason that

we shouldn’t see some of these um some of these companies coming together a little bit you know is that that’s going to continue and we’ve already got one

out of the gate this year uh although we’re you know mostly through January we we only have one out of the gate so you

know maybe it is slowing down for all the Acquisitions um but I do expect it to continue so Mega dealers

moving on to this Mega dealers are just getting just bigger and bigger and bigger and we’re not you know where we

were 20 something years ago when I was you know when I was at Icon and in the

and Mr Doyle was uh had had Danka and we had Global Imaging and and you know um

the world was a little different those companies were a little bigger but these guys are catching them uh Dex is catching them Flex you know Marco’s POA

digital Edge so I made a list here uh the top five what I would consider the top five open for argument uh you know

I’m happy to redo this list I did it alphabetically so it was not to offend anybody I think we can all agree Dex is

the biggest at this moment filling in behind them um again alphabetically but these are what I think are the top five

visual Edge maybe um maybe it’s impact maybe it’s ubo maybe it’s RJ young you know a lot of this is what people told

me a lot of this is just research I’ve done on my own but when you look over on the left side of the screen you look at the amount of Revenue that these guys

are doing my estimate top five dealers in this industry are doing two billion

dollars in annual revenue right two billion dollars combined when you add the next five on we add another billion

dollars um I would even has has you know I would guess that if we go to that next level

that next 10 through 20 that’s possibly another one to two billion so these

companies are growing you know we’ve got this reputation and you know the sky is falling and everybody’s um not everybody

there’s there’s a few naysayers that just uh have a lot of negative things to say about where things are in this

industry and I look at you know some of these numbers and and I just I don’t understand it right there is plenty of

money to be made print is in Decline we all know that um but we are uh many many of you are

approaching if not surpassing pre-pandemic numbers and you know there’s a lot of pie out there and and

you know while the pie is shrinking there’s still plenty of opportunity to take that buy from competitors and many

of you are doing that you know I’ve seen companies um even organically just grow

and grow and grow you know Flex Technology Group POA I’ve seen them open offices I’ve seen these guys

um you know just through Management Services just through hard copy output uh grow and grow and grow and you know

some of these companies it’s amazing I would put decks in that category as well they’re they’re much more focused on

print they’re really not focused uh nearly as much on managed Services as maybe some of the others right visual

Edge uh Marco Marco I think half the revenue comes from from managed Services they are all in on that and and you look

at some of these others that are still growing and growing growing um through acquisition but also you know like I said through through organic means and

just because they’re getting bigger and and it’s amazing that they’re doing that through print and that’s not to say that you know decks and flex and these and

these guys aren’t making money in other areas but their print is growing their manage print is growing

um it’s just it goes to show if you’ve got if you’ve got a good team if you’ve got a good plan a good strategy there is

plenty opportunity in print out there and don’t let anybody tell you that there isn’t if you’re that medium-sized dealer if

you’re at that smaller size dealer what can you do to stay competitive you know as these guys get bigger and bigger they are and you know this is no secret it’s

always been this way the bigger you are the better your pricing and and there’s things you can do about this right

um there are other things going on in this industry that a lot of you guys are are learning and things you need to change

that can make you competitive right uh one of those things that kind of popped in my head over last week I visited a

dealer I visited um Carolina business equipment down in uh in in South Carolina and John

Eckstrom just opened up a new warehouse and you know it was kind of interesting because I I was thinking you don’t often

see you guys all opening warehouses but he’s not the first and I saw a couple others earlier in the year that

um you know their warehouses were busting because they were taking all the all the stock they could get and

you know where we have this just-in-time model right now where all the vendors virtually want you to stock uh you know

to get away from the stocking up and they want you to what they want you to just drop ship they want you to go straight to the customer and all that

was the was such a good idea until we had this pandemic and then they couldn’t ship it right and then the drop times

went from you know a couple days or a week or two to months and and so yeah

you if you’re going to be waiting weeks or months and or your competitor is going to say hey I’ve got something in stock I can get it there tomorrow which

is better so you know I think we’re starting to see a bit of a reversal and some dealers are starting to take stock

um so that’s one thing you can do is to you know to remain competitive you know if your competitor is waiting on 1400

machines because they’re doing you know a little they’re doing the Justin Time business model and you’ve got some

machines you may get some business and and even though you weren’t the least expensive maybe it gets you in the door

so I encourage you to you know maybe revisit that um that strategy internally you look at

other opportunities for you to find places to move into new place new Revenue sources BTA is an incredible

incredible place for this some of you watching this may not be BTM members I you know I I’m sure most of you are

right that’s why you’re watching this but I’m sure a few of you aren’t and I encourage you to become a BTA member

it’s there are so many services Brent will tell you all about them but to me just for the purpose of this slide right

you’re just going to learn about new companies all the companies over on the right side I found out about from BTA

from coming to um coming to their meetings so you know if you’re looking uh for something that

maybe fits in with what you do but isn’t it you know is is there a new partner a new supplier you’re going to find it at

a BTA conference or maybe you’re just looking for a new Direction a new area to move into that fits your model and

and is kind of an easy slide for you uh you’re gonna find it there another great

area this is to me just an incredible um cost leveler for for a small deal or for

a medium-sized dealer is is ibpi so ibpi is the buyer’s group it’s the biggest buyer’s group in our industry I think

there’s over 500 members if I remember correctly uh Mark rice runs it a wonderful person and and so what it is

is they’ve got this huge catalog of member companies that um that Supply you

high tech just joined uh I can’t remember off the top of my head there’s a whole bunch of them and and you can go to the website or Is

I’ll put a link in it um you can get to it if you email me or or even Brent I’m sure can get it to you but

um what it does is it gets it gets you best buying um Power out of all the companies in

there so you know you’re buying at the highest level uh the my understanding is companies when they when they join ibpi

they commit to providing ibpi and their 500 Plus members with the best possible pricing so you’re going to be buying at

levels that you know you normally wouldn’t get to buy it especially if you’re a smaller dealer and so what does

that do for you well chances are most of the companies are a lot of companies you’re doing business with I would guarantee you many companies if not most

um you’re already doing business with them and so you know Pollock and politics is another one that pops into my head but um

you’re already doing business with these guys right so if you’re if you’re doing business with them um why not join ibpi there’s a small

sign up a one-time sign up uh you get rebate checks based on the business you’re doing every year and and I was at

the um the meeting they had earlier this year uh last year that is and in Orlando and Mark gave out like 800 000 worth of

rebate checks which covered most of the companies in there their initial um sign up fee but then they got money

back so you know this is stuff that you’re you’re buying anyway you’re leaving money on the table so here’s

another place that you can if you’re not doing it that you know you’ll get checks in and you know that’s better that’s

going to improve your margins um Doug Albrecht I believe I was just told I don’t know if I was supposed to

say this but I said it so he’s uh now on the board um you know and so it just shows you the

reach the access that you’re gonna have you’re going to be able to talk to people uh of all different types of dealers and and big and small and medium

and you’re going to meet all these great uh these great um you know partners and then moves me

into another thing you can do if you’re not in a peer group if you’re not an American Co-op or a bpca or all the

other ones that I have listed here they are the best resource I think you can get these are your peers many of these

groups are done geographically so you’re not going to be sitting in there next to a competitor and these guys open up they

you know a lot of them I’ve seen become incredible friends um many for you know have known each

other for years because of these groups and you know it’s just a great way to talk kind of off you know offline about

your vendors about what are you doing that’s working what are you who are you using for leasing what do you like about

them um who do you using for your aftermarket for your supplies what do you think of Arlington or Clover or some of these

others and you know it’s just a great you know great way for you to

um find out what’s going on you know there’s just so much that’s been done over the years already that you know for

you to reinvent the wheel seems silly right these meetings are usually held at incredible facilities usually they have

great guests come and speak and and then you spend a lot of time you know just discussing with your friends your peers

um just different things that you can do that that you may not have thought of or maybe you helped somebody else you know

it’s almost a mentoring program so you we look over um maybe on the right we’re looking at uh you know some of the

companies I think that you can also look at if you’re you know you’re trying to how can I get more margins how can I

improve um you know squeeze the dollar a little bit more because you know we’re going to talk about it or more in another slide

you guys are you know you are being pressured while you’re all profitable right now and you’re all making a lot of

money you know it’s tough sometimes either to get product and we’ve had issues um with supply chain and you know

sometimes you just can’t get it or sometimes it’s just too expensive and you want an alternative for your customer

um arcoa Arlington Clover Kate and Mars nine star and gng Pollock these are all companies I work with there are other

companies out there that that are also great companies as well but you know there’s no shortage of places for you to

turn there’s no shortage of people that you can turn to talk to uh about you know maybe finding

some some better margin maybe you can find parts uh that you were having a hard time finding before uh maybe you

can find supplies that that are a lot more effective cost effective for a customer especially on a really old

machine you know how it is when you know machine gets five years six years seven years um old right it’s just the supplies

start getting dated the manufacturer keeps upping the cost on them to you in

order to get you to you know hopefully get that customer to buy a new machine but some customers are not going to buy that machine they’re going to keep it

and your margins go out the window so that’s when you can obviously turn to some of these um move into inflation this is something

that you guys are just uh you know we’re all dealing with it but your companies are dealing with it head-on right your

customers are dealing with it so they’re strapped um you’re dealing with it and all right I mean it’s it’s coming down a

little bit but it’s not down right your fuel is up 45 since 2020 your average worker cost is up five percent since

since 21. the cost of your drivers increased 12 since since 19 2019. since

2020 hardware parts are up in cost uh Hardware is uh parts supply cost all of

that is up so while it’s cooling your prices are not dropping

um it’s more expensive to bring people on right you’re you’re going through you’re working you know either with

um maybe a recruiting services or you’re working with uh HR recruiting uh

Consulting companies past share like you know from Great America there’s plenty of others that do that as well you might

be working with one of them but there’s you know there’s all those these things cost money and and so as a dealer you’re

getting hit everywhere I’m going to go back a slide but back to what can you do that’s where you that’s when you call somebody like our code to see what you

can do with you know those um those those end of life uh electronics that

are just sitting in your closet you could be making money off of that scrapping it Arlington tons of Parts uh Clover you could be

buying remand printers you know that are very cost effective HP remand printers

or or you could buy supplies from them Kate and same thing Mars trading in those machines you know Arco does that

too mars does that Mars will help you with your Logistics so all these companies are here to help you there’s a

lot of Alternatives again coming back to a BTA meeting that’s where you’re going to learn about uh all of these

so we’re going to spend some time talking about everybody’s favorite subject the supply chain and I’m going to put on my you know I’m looking at my

crystal ball and I’m gonna see what I can figure out I don’t know anything I’m not an economics person you know I’m a

Copier Guy I was a Copier Guy because I didn’t study hard enough I’m just regurgitating you know what I’ve heard other people say

um what I can tell you after being out there in the field all year after visiting you know so many dealers uh

things are much better right and you’re all seeing it you’re seeing it on LinkedIn everybody’s opening up um you know posting pictures of palettes

and pallets of uh of of Hardware you know I was at uh I was at I mentioned I

was at CBE yesterday he just John had just tons of Toshiba on the shelves tons of uh sharp on the shelves I mean sharp

everyone knows had did pretty well during the pandemic with their supply chain but um it’s still nice seeing these boxes

just just filling that brand new Warehouse it is um so so things are getting better you

know Konica is catching up uh here Xerox is even starting to catch up key Sarah I

think an A3 has has started catching up although I think A4 they’re still struggling from what I hear A4 and we’re

going to talk about this a little bit more A4 is more challenging especially for a company like like a Kyocera that

is really all in on A4 and A3 they’re very strong in A4 um and the chip problems that we’ve had

that makes it more difficult we’ll talk about that in a second for someone like like uh you know like a Kyocera who’s

got to make choices on where they put those chips um and and other companies have that issue as well Sharps had to pull chips

from different parts of their of their Hardware but they’re not as Sharp’s not as dependent on A4 as as uh as as

Kyocera so um back to this though so you know we look at what’s improved container issues

have improved the ports have improved right um we don’t have uh 60 100 ships sitting

off of the ports in California like we did you know when you fly over there and I have recently

um they’re not there anymore you maybe you see a couple out there um I guess part of this had to do with they built a

lot more capacity at the ports so uh there was so much coming in that I guess they just had nowhere to put it so the

boats had to sit until they could get the stuff out of the warehouses and then we had the shipping issues right and uh

Trucking and trains and freight and all that so it all was just a perfect storm but apparently that’s gotten much better

thankfully um you know I know a lot of companies spent Bank on on shipping over the last

uh two years last year especially and and some companies uh you know spoke to

us quite a bit about the what they had spent just in Air Freight right Toshiba was one that um had quite very quietly

been really doing a pretty decent comparatively a decent job because you know Larry was spending a lot of money

shipping everything over in airplanes and and and that’s just something that um you know

they can’t do forever and thankfully uh it sounds like that that’s gonna get

better um so A3 has caught is catching up has caught up with some vendors I mentioned A4

um and and back to the chip shortage so we still have a chip shortage and if you saw um the panel discussing that uh Larry

Mike um Mark Matthews from Epson um uh Mike from Konica Minolta and then I

think it was John from HP they all had a lot to say on this subject I’m going to post that at some point pretty soon you

can see that entire panel from ECS uh on our YouTube channel but you know they really got into

um a lot of this and some of the takeaways I had uh one of the things that you know really is scary is you

know all these companies are making a lot of noise about what we’re moving our manufacturing we’re getting out of China

we’re moving it away from China and you know what that’s going to happen either way China from what I understand again

my limited brain with economics um you know there are a lot more economical countries now than China as

far as manufacturing Mexico is one that jumps in uh Vietnam is another

um a host of them and so what’s happening is you know oems are starting to already move they’re manufacturing elsewhere

what they have not moved yet are the chips and so there’s two kinds of chips there’s my understanding is the good

chips and the bad chips I shouldn’t say the bad chips but the really functional and then the less functional

um the less functional chips uh the ones that are in great demand that are in everything uh those are those are still

made in China and and um that’s not going to change anytime soon and um so

we’ve got two issues there one is we still have a shortage on those chips because of the fires that they had two

years ago they don’t have the capacity up up to speed yet um and and the other problem is possibly

impending um but you know we’re all watching and it’s not been in the news as much lately but um the covet thing in China right

and and you know for for the way it went down the last two years I don’t care which side you’re on

left or right um we are where we are and I think we can all agree we’re in a better spot than China because right now China’s got

like you know I looked it up this morning there’s 15 000 people passing and giant passing away every day right now

um they are in the midst of this they are where we were two years ago and and to me the scary part is

um obviously the loss of life is just horrific and and I wish you know they had done in some ways you know what we

did in some other countries did to be where we are right now where it seems to be less of an issue uh but they’re not

they’re in the middle of it and so what worries me is um you know if they start shutting

things down if they and it looks like they’re going to keep things open but you know you wonder what the impact is going to be on their manufacturing when

they’ve got you know half a million people um that’s being reported it’s got to be more than that I would imagine uh but

half a million people have it right now you wonder what impact that’s going to have on their manufacturing you know you saw what it did to us two years ago when

we were just getting into it and you know every other day there was an industry that was shutting down for a month or two and in our world it was you

know agriculture it was you know this week you’re not getting your chicken wings and this week next week you’re not getting cars and uh tires and it’s just

every week was a shortage toilet paper remember that everybody’s got a little more toilet paper and paper towel in their uh and their um storage right now

I bet then they did two or three years ago um but that’s where China is right now so that concerns me going forward

um because these chip shortages the biggest area it hits us is A4 I think

um I think we’re all learning uh you know sharp learn and and I think others may

have followed or also learned that you know if you pull chips out of if you defeat your some of your A3 equipment

you can still sell the A3 equipment and keep those you know keep the products flowing A4 is different and and the

reason is just scale right you know for everyone I’m gonna make this up but for everyone you know A3 machine that you

sell you’re probably selling you know what multiple three four five ten A4 products I don’t know it’s but it’s more

so you know just in scale that means for everyone A3 chip you have you know you

if you’re gonna put that in A4 at a fraction of the price you’re just not going to make as much so decisions have

to be made by a lot of these manufacturers and and you know so I think that’s why they tend to be going

more into the A3 products even though maybe they’re featured they’re still very very much functional uh I’m curious

to see whether anything oems decide you know clean sheet we’re going to start just building something fresh from

scratch that uses different chips right there are different chips to be used and and you know maybe they can find some

other ways to do it but that’s a two-year window and and you know we’re this far along and I haven’t seen

anybody coming out with it so the supply chain thing to me um is still going to be an issue this

year there’s going to be the haves there’s going to be the have-nots some oems are going to do better than others and and you know what we’ve seen as a

result of this as you have seen some oems picking up um dealers um specifically you know

sharp and and you know they picked a good one to sponsor because they’ve got a lot of good things that I’m saying

about them but they had a good year right like they were you know Call Him Lucky call him smart it’s it’s one of the other or maybe a

mixture of both but they they did really really well and dealers will be the first ones to tell you you know they especially dealers that are multi-line

you know they saw how it was from other manufacturers and sharp communication was good um and they kept them you know they kept

product in their warehouse and and so you know back to the original point on this slide um or the previous slide you know you’re

gonna see um I think a lot of dealers are are reconsidering that stocking up thing and getting rid of that warehouse

and you know uh it’s it’s one of those things that makes sense on paper seems like a good idea at the time but then

you know you get one little hiccup you get one little bump in the road and and then the ships start

you know they didn’t come or you know it’s one thing we’ve always had to deal with backwarders and you always had to deal with so you know we had Parts

problems or supplies problems or you know but it was always one product or it just there were ways around it but but

we’ve hit ourselves we painted ourselves into this corner where you’ve got many companies

um who’ve gone to this model where you know one product is the whole product line right you you guys know who you are

and you go in there and you set up the machine and then you ask you know basically which which speed level did

the customer pay for and you dial that in probably not with a real dial but you know there’s soft there’s something in

the setup where you set it up and and this machine is 30 pages a minute for this customer and that machine is 60 or

40 for that customer but what happens is when there’s a chip problem with that one engine

oh that stops coming whereas maybe with three or four products in the family you

know maybe this category got shut down for a couple of months but maybe that one kept coming so I don’t know there’s

lots lots that are being Lots that’s being done about that um there’s a lot more people doing you know

trying to figure this out and they’re much smarter than I am so um this is something that is going to

just be a pain in the neck for for a lot of companies going forward and it is something that you know I would say you

really want to um You wanna just create a strategy what am I going to do if you know what am I

going to do if they stop showing up what am I going to do if um brand a isn’t there should I get

another brand should I talk to another brand do you know do I have multiple A4 options in case my my main one doesn’t

show up right so you really want to have a plan B and uh and many of you probably

do but you know a lot of you you know a lot of you could probably use that moving on this is a great slide for me I

I feel like um this puts a smile on my face we had a lot of interviews early on where we talked about remote work and

remote work is all the rage and you know most of you a lot of you are work working from home watching this and um

and there’s nothing wrong with that but that Trend I’ve said it all along I don’t think that’s going to continue I

don’t see it happening long term there are companies that have vested interests you have infrastructures built around

people coming to work you have bosses that are just old school and they like to see people in the office now is that

to say everybody’s going to come back to work you know no I think a lot of us

realize that there are some times when people can be flexible and it can you know work from home there can be

exceptions but every one of these companies on this list in the last two months has has come out with uh some

sort of statement that has said their their people are coming back to work some are full-time some are saying two

three days a week four days a week but it’s happening managed been sick of it and and quite frankly you know this this

and then I could have done some slides on this and I wanted to and I didn’t um but talking about the next Generations there was a great ECS

presentation on all the different Generations um I think actually mirusic might have mentioned it in his as well but you know

just the differences in talking to this generation this next latest generation coming into our Workforce

um they collaborate they like to work together they um they were very team oriented and we can say a lot of stuff

about them we can bust on them I love busting on the other Generations but one of the things they do really well is

they work well together and you know it’s not all about sitting on Zoom calls

it’s about face to face um there is such value to it and and a

lot of the a lot of the companies a lot of the CEOs look you know at the model and they say you know what I don’t have

control over my people um we’re getting work turned in but you know we’re losing our professionalism uh

the biggest thing to me is you’re losing culture right you know I think a certain companies in this industry uh the

culture that they have and when they were home from home um I’ve had conversations with them with

their senior people and they’ve told me you know it’s it’s it was there was an impact there was you know there was a

loss of culture and they’ve got to rebuild that and they are bringing people back to the office Great America a great example you know that is a

company that is absolutely built on culture and you would know that if you visited there those guys

um it is such a family it is such a team and I just one that was one of the companies I couldn’t imagine how they

were working from home all the time all alone and all on their own and this is a company where all these people do work

remotely all the time right I mean you see them at conferences you know they’re working they’re in their hotel rooms they’re set up to work remotely but to

never have that contact and never be together for you know whatever it was a year and a half two years

um you know it takes its toll and and I think a lot of men I think a lot of the the the bosses I think the CEOs the

executives they’re ready for their people to come back they want to see people um they want to see butts in the seats

right they paid for all this and um they want people back in the office

and and so I think this is the year that we’re going to see a lot of companies um instill policies uh like what you’re

seeing on the screen where people are going to come back to work and and so um what does that look like well

to you um to us this is now moving from work from remote work to you know hybrid

we were talking hybrid last year but it’s it’s becoming I think it’s going to evolve more uh this year will be

the pendulum is going to swing back right you had a lot of um a lot of power with the employees back last year and

the year before right everybody can’t hire anyone can’t find anyone unemployment is so low

um I think that’s changing you’ve seen you’ve seen layoffs you’ve seen Tech layoffs I should have probably done a slide on that but you’ve seen

um back to you know the whole inflation thing you know companies are coming back there are layoffs and so that you know I think has pushed the

power back into is starting to push the power back into the hands of the employer

um so when an employee tells you they don’t want to come in you find another employee right you know I think at the time the days of putting up with that

are long gone now I do think um hybrid as I mentioned is is still

part of this um nobody’s jump ending this you know nobody wants to be that cruel mean uh

CEO and I’m just gonna say no you’re coming back I think for the most part people are going to still have a little flexibility

um but what does that mean to you that’s huge huge opportunity right to me one of the greatest things that could have

happened to you guys um to our industry was in some ways uh this pandemic that sent everybody home

because for years your I.T NAU especially Unity but you’re all you’re all going in there when’s your lease up

um what are you doing for it and you’re managing the seats and you’re doing all that and it’s great well now you’ve got

all these people home and the the risk of security breaches when these guys go home and it’s just I’m working from home

I’m logging in I’ll figure it out you know when they’re trying to get to um let’s get to the server when they’re

trying to get to their files when they’re printing on an unsecured printer that was just purchased on Amazon that’s

not set up properly when they’re scanning when they’re using USB drives when they’re kids they’re using their

works the work year um there’s vulnerabilities and that makes your entire the customer

completely vulnerable so and the Au that are in cyber security any of you that are you know that have A4 products which

is hopefully every one of you listening um scanners just any any collaboration software uh Zoom you know any any uh

Microsoft 360 just just anything that you could be selling that could help somebody be productive working from a

remote office a home office uh even office furniture economic you know um chairs and desks and all of this

stuff people you know people people are having health problems now you know I go um myself included

for for some some you know Physical Therapy every week for a hip injury that

turned out was because I wasn’t my posture at my desk was Terror terrible and and I have a set office right what

about these people that are sitting at their kitchen office or their dining room or you know in their in their you know chair like over the neck when I

have over there right a big comfy chair that’s not good for seven hours six hours a day um so opportunities to help people work

more effectively at home more efficiently um and and be healthier right you can make a difference and so I think excuse

me this back to work um this back to work movement that we’re going to start seeing that we’re

starting to see I don’t think that has any impact on you I think there’s so much opportunity for you guys there that

um you know it it’s just something you should I think you should capitalize on

so the buzzword of 2000 2020 digital transformation

um here’s the wiki definition right uh I think a couple years ago we called it

iot I think a couple years before that we called it something else it’s all of that right it’s it’s just taking digital

technology um using data um tying products and services together

dashboards uh you know letting things work together right so it’s it’s a

cohesive um it’s a it’s not really a platform it’s just it’s digitizing things that

are um analog it’s digit it’s it’s a and it’s taking the digital um it’s taking the digital properties

and allowing and tying them together allowing them to communicate allowing them to talk to code so

um that’s my you know 30 000 foot uh Copier Guy explanation the digital transformation I can tell you that was

at just about I’m not gonna say every meeting I was at but man that was it

seemed like it was everywhere right um if you look over on the right every single one of these manufacturers some

much more detailed than others but the point is every one of them has content on their website or tied to their

website talking about digital transfer transformation DX right I went through

um 10 minutes of the presentation earlier uh last year at the beginning of the year and this was really the kickoff to DX in my world where I thought okay

here we go this is a big thing it was Konica Minolta and they were dxdxdx and you know I had to look up what was DX

because I didn’t know right um I I didn’t know we shortened digital transformation we have yet another

acronym for our fun little industry but it you know it was just sort of um sort of the shot across my bow where

I was like I better really look into this and and they brought up um they brought up the Wayne Taylor guys

which was awesome they brought up Ricky and Wayne of Wayne Taylor racing they had the car in the showroom and all that and and so the point of what they were

talking was um data right and using data and and um all the data points that these guys

with their race car um have on every aspect and I forget the number of sensors they have in that car

but I think it was in the thousands and they are looking at everything they can and and just trying to get any kind of

Advantage out of it that they can find and they use digital transformation as

uh uh you know to help them wrap their arms around this and all they do is analyze data man the the amount of work

this is not you know NASCAR of of the 80s and 90s and you just haul it all you

know drive as fast as you can with the with the pedal to the metal there is science involved in this

um there is technology uh for all of you um you know who are into this kind of stuff uh they are racing the Rolex uh

the Rolex this weekend Mike Mateo Mike mate will be there um and and Drew and all the gang will be

down there at Daytona and um but but you know watch it because this race was what they were talking about this is the

first race they’re going to be using hybrids so this is going to be killer fast cars uh first time they’re racing

as hybrids uh you know Acura and all the other brands out there but just a really

wild uh race but to me the the cool part of it is the reason that they’re going

to be what they’re doing is they’re really just making use of all this data all the information that they’ve they’ve

learned from you know the batteries and and how do they make them last longer and how do they drive more effectively

so but anyway that was just an example of digital transformation that was you know hp’s I’m sorry that was um Konica

minolta’s big big example uh HP in their conference this year they had a big breakout where they discussed that as

well at their amplify show um and just lots and lots of other uh uh

you know content from all of these all these oems on on here

this one really caught me off guard I you know I’m I’m um I’m sort of late on

this I guess but uh the end of the cloud is is that happening are you guys seeing that um so at ECS at the executive

connection conference you know another thing I learned was that there is a umu

new movement back to on-prem um back to moving towards you know we are seeing a movement back towards um

on-premises servers uh they will be more powerful than you ever could have imagined but they um they’re getting

bigger faster actually smaller um faster and and more efficient

um there’s there’s a lot of reasons for this and and I was blown away by this because I really just thought the whole movement you know a lot of my clients

are most of my clients are are very very focused on the cloud they’re not

um they’re not even where they want to be yet they’re still you know evolving they’re still getting there they’re still

um improving and and now we’re starting to see customers push back and say like they want on-prem also

um not not that they don’t want Cloud not that they’re pulling back from cloud but customers that were early adapters

um they’re seeing value to uh to to on-prem to to this hybrid model there

are um there are you know files uh just looking at video right just just look at

video right now there is so much video being um created in everybody’s feed and

everybody’s workflow right it’s just it’s just something that’s creeping into every part of what we do and the

difference in in file sizes is staggering right exponentially larger right I’m working with

um with files I mean I I you know I I took all these videos I mentioned at that conference last week

um I probably took over a dozen videos maybe closer to two dozen videos and all of those videos all of them were over a

gig all of them and and I’m trying to move those around I’m trying to upload those and I’m you know my example is not

really that great an example um because I’m just a small shop and I you know I use some pretty basic simple

simple tools but if I was a customer a big customer of yours and you know the bigger the customer the more complex it

gets especially multiple locations um when I’m trying to put backup into the cloud when I’m trying to move these

files when the cloud is just trying to grab them and back it you know I’m racing through space which becomes

extremely expensive because you’re paying for every gigabyte of cloud right every terabyte of cloud cloud space that

you have um so customers want you know what they want to bring it home

they want to get their arms around the economics of it they also want the redundancy uh in some cases it’s

starting to become quicker um for on-prem and and just for Recovery disaster a lot of times they just

there’s companies even mandating it that they want on-prem um I stole this from a an IDC report

thank you Keith and your team uh it is online so I’m not really stealing it um there is a link to the report that came

from and and it was a sponsored report I wasn’t familiar with the company but I thought this was a great um just a great

uh uh uh statistic 71 of uh respondents in this study they expect it to move or

partially move their workloads running in public Cloud to a dedicated I.T

environment within the next two years 71 of people that responded in this study

are looking to bring back their you know what they brought to the cloud and to

bring it back in there so thought that was wild um moving on to to e-commerce

so this is one that just you can’t go to a meeting without them talking about e-commerce and and you know this is um

this is something you have to look at and don’t put your head in the sand don’t be scared of it

um you need to face it you’re all entrepreneurs you’re all you’re all you know you’re all run companies that have been around for years you’ve survived

everything so far right um but e-commerce is a whole another world so I’m just going to tell you

right now if you haven’t looked maybe you don’t want to look but every one of your Brands is now selling

um selling their printers online uh and and I didn’t spend a lot of time at this I just spent you know maybe 10 minutes

looking before I wrote this this slide um every one of your Brands is selling printers on on right now everyone but one um sharp is the only one seems like a sharp

commercial but I guess they paid for this to sponsor it so at least they got you know they’re getting some good news out of it but you know I commend them

for not selling anything on there um or maybe they’re just not smart but you know and maybe everyone else is

smart but um sharp is protecting you sharp is looking out for you sharp I think would be the first you know one of

the one just like all the other oems on here we’ll tell you you need to get into this right and and I’m sure they have

plans programs and a lot of these companies um have talked to us and and you know have said that they want their dealers

to do it now there’s one it’s one thing to say you want your dealers doing it it’s another thing to say you want your dealers doing it and you have this stuff

online and man you know I think these oems are being um

you know they’re they’re doing what they need to do and business is business and you know this is showing you what’s

happening out there it’s already happening and and my advice to you is you need you need a strategy right

you’ve even got one OEM out there uh I did see um I did see A3 on there I

couldn’t believe it but there was A3 on there and and you know maybe there’s more oems doing it uh there’s no

shortage of supplies on there um the point is your customers are on there looking and you know I at a recent

meeting we were I was talking to somebody and you know I know there’s a lot of skepticism around e-commerce um I’m not suggesting go and build an

Amazon there are a million different ways to do it you know we mentioned um Anthony ski bli key Point intelligent

they’ve got a program uh uh there’s others right Ed McLaughlin

um did that panel there you know he was talking he’s got a program right um there there are other there are plenty

others you know and I don’t care if it’s this one or that one or or it doesn’t matter who it is um you need to talk to somebody about

this you really need to to find out what can you do do you make do you create a program that’s for your

um for your own customers maybe it’s a behind the firewall kind of thing maybe it’s just as simple as letting them go

buy this stuff you see all these Kyocera models you see all these Xerox models you see all these uh HP models maybe

instead of having these guys go online and see it there maybe they go behind the firewall and they buy it and you

know they’re already buying from you so make it easier for them to buy right so that they don’t go and and just say oh I

don’t want to deal with the sales people I just want to go online I just want it to show up right some things don’t need to be that complicated and it doesn’t

need to be printers it can be supplies it can be anything else but you know whatever you can do to get your own customers to stay with you and not go

there and and see that um you know don’t want them on Amazon looking at printers you just don’t

unless they’re yours right and none of you maybe probably almost none of you or are on

there um you know what else can you do like you know I know one of the problems that people talked about

um to have spoken to me about is and I know how it is because I would do the same thing excuse me if I’m online

and I’m looking at this you know Kyocera ecosis printer well you know if I’m on your website looking at it and what am I

going to do I’m going to go to Amazon and see if I can find it there I’m going to just Google it to see if I can find it and I’m going to find three other you

know places that have a cheaper so so maybe you don’t put put it on your the front of your website maybe you put it

behind a firewall maybe there are other products I don’t know but there’s got to be something that you can do I’m happy

to talk to you about it I don’t make money on this but I can you know I can tell you what I’ve seen what I’ve heard

um but I I think you need to get somebody involved in your world it’s a professional that one of the companies I

mentioned some of the other um companies that are out there uh uh you know there’s a bunch man and you you

guys know who they are but you know from what I have seen I’m just gonna put it out there I don’t think any of you any

of you right now have what I would consider as a good effective e-commerce website you know there’s a handful that

have stuff um and I know I know some of you are going to email me and say oh I have it I have

it and you know what and I apologize if I missed yours I did look at you know a handful of the big guys and I know a

couple of them are actually rolling some out so it’s in process with this some of some of these big bigger companies

um but it’s not there this is your year this is the year you need to do this you need to figure out how to do it

um this is an investment that that you you you just have to have some kind of presence um Google uh as far as search results

for as long as this lasts we’re going to talk about Google and possible it’s demise on the next slide

um but right now Google is everything and you know having people find you find your printers find your storefront even

if you’re not selling printers as long as you’ve got an opportunity to sell things online to the world you all have

a website all you have to do is monetize it put some stuff on there that people can buy so I think the last real slide here I

can’t believe I’m almost going to make it on time um I can almost picture Brent holding up the one hour sign

um but effective AI is here we are there another wiki wiki quote here thank you

Wiki I think a lot of us learn the words chat gbt in the last month or two uh we

are now on chat gbt three so chat jbt um my my layman’s terms as somebody

who’s actually used it because I thought it was a I just had to learn about it so basically it’s a website

um created by uh open architecture uh AI I forget who anyway it doesn’t matter um

anybody can go to it when you can get to it the site is constantly crashing because as more people find out about it

more people are logging on to it it’s free at the moment I think there’s going to be a business plan at some point um you sign on to this thing and

basically it’s just it’s almost like just a chat window and you type instructions in this it’s AI driven

um you type instructions into it that say like um I don’t know um

uh what it does is it searches it searches articles that are out there it searches content that’s on the on the

web and it searches apparently it’s 175 billion parameters right so you can say to it you can get commands

um like write an article on print management give me a 500 page article on print management and it will write you

it will research it and in seconds you will have an article um better written than anyone I would do

that talks about print management multiple paragraphs it’ll cite things if you want um give me 500 give me a

thousand words uh you can if you’re a coder if you’re writing code and you have code that’s just not working you’re

trying to put it on your website and it’s not working you can say please fix this code and drop the code in there and

it will fix the code right and it’s just so these in the last couple weeks are just some little things that I’ve had

just questions you can ask it simple questions and it will give you answers but but what’s interesting what’s really

cool about this is you know we’re at the point where we have ai right now and AI already we already know you’ve got Bots

you’ve got things that you’re able to use use it for what this does is this just simplifies everything this

this makes AI useful right so now I can just type in a question so you know you

gotta this is why I wrote on their code red for Google so gbt uh chat dbt4 is coming out at some point this year it is

going to be exponentially better than chat gbt3 which is incredible right now I just it’s just mind-blowing if you

start trying it out um you may just come up with dozens of ways to use it just from uh you know an

HP person Tammy um she she talked about in her presentation how she uh she was answering emails with it um she would

say hey send it you know write an email saying this uh telling him I’ll and and saying you know ABC and and it wrote an

email um and so you know she copied and pasted it and dropped it so it’s a Time Saver it’s a personal assistant but this next

level is going to be um it’s going to be mind-blowing and and so they talk about how you know this may

actually be the end of mankind at some point uh but this is the big big first step of AI this is where it becomes

useful and I mentioned code red for Google so well the problem is for Google is you know how Google works now you

type in a question and what do you get a thousand Pages um starting with what sponsored content

of all the things Google wants you to see and then you see everybody’s web page and you see all the different options well that’s not how chat gbt

Works chat gbt is just going to give you the answer so when I say um what are are some print management

companies it’s going to list here are some print management companies it’s not going to give me all the websites it’s

just going to give me what it what it finds it’s um the the next part of this is when it talks about data driven and

that’s why it’s going to just blow up exponentially it’s going to be able to do things with this data you’re going to

be able to ask it questions you’re going to be able to ask about weather patterns you’re going to be able to ask it complex complex math and it’s just going

to answer it and it’s just you know um we’re getting to a point where it’s just uh content writers are going to be

out of jobs I may be out of a job um it’s just it’s a very interesting time very scary but what it does for you

is you know as we go forward open your eyes open your minds you may you know may find places to be able to use

um chat bots on your website as you get into your e-commerce you may be able to have an intelligent chat bot instead of

just you know a very very simple chat bot that’s on some of your sites right now which to me honestly is more

annoying than and then than helpful um the chat I’ve seen from just about

anybody and I’m just talking about our industry everybody Delta is the worst right I’m on there there’s all the time

um and they’re just they’re useless uh but this next level this chat gbt this is going to make those seem like an

actual person and and the key to all of this is that we’ve hit the point where AI is now becoming conversational you

will be able to use real words real real communication English genuine

English and and you’re going to be able to um you’re going to be able to to get real answers

um as we wind up here’s what’s happened in 2023 uh just a quick thing I mean already the year is filling up a busy

busy February I’m gonna see a lot of you uh March April May we’ve got lots of BTA shows uh that that uh putting on the

pink I have here is in September so that is my last slide we are out of time

coming up we’ve got um the next one we’re gonna have Lee Davis Deborah Hawkins you’re going to see a great presentation

um by by these guys from Key Point always uh uh great data and I am only two minutes over and I appreciate so

much you guys um who are still with us and still listening um I just love doing this I love talking to you if you have something going on at

your at your business at your dealership at your if you’re in our industry uh and you’ve got something that you want Andy

or Andy and Jake or just Jake we are happy to come you know we we love visiting and just learning about what

you guys do Brent thank you so much for having me any questions if there’s any time all right very good Andy appreciate

your willingness to present all the insight and wisdom and observations that you’ve shared with us today that’s great I I do have chat and Q a open I’m not

seeing anything at this point so if you’ve got something on your mind you wanted to ask you can type it in and in

the meantime let me mention that the webinar was recorded you can probably see that on the screen uh a link to the

recording will be available on the BTA website tomorrow you would just go to BMB archives BNB as in building

my business so slash BNB archives and you will need your username

and password you will also be able to download a PDF today’s PowerPoint as Andy mentioned our next webinar will

take place on uh 4 P.M Eastern on Thursday February the 16th that webinar

is titled the state of the channel what are the others doing there’s actually the result of a survey of dealers so

it’ll be kind of dealer perspectives shared in that it will be presented by Deborah Hawkins and Lee Davis of key

Point intelligence why you’re on the BJ website on that page for building my business note that we have recordings of

almost all of our previous webinars today is our 197th webinar in this series we started

in January 2008 and after a few webinars it occurred to us we should be recording

these and we did and their archives archived on their website many of them are Timeless in nature so you might want

to peruse that list when you’re on the website and take a look so you can watch the full webinar uh I do not see any

questions or comments there you can certainly reach out to Andy Mars or myself at any time

and you know we can keep up with a lot of the information on the industry by following Andy and subscribing to his

newsletter um Andy again thank you very much for your willingness to present

my pleasure thank you so much um there is one question thank you for that Jerry Jen have I

gotten golf lessons yet um yes and uh yeah

I need more let’s just say yes but you’re not there yet I guess no I’m not quite there yet great seeing you Brent

um I I will see you at the latest uh at the um at the BTA event in Orlando at Spring break all right we’re looking

forward to it so with that we’ll thank everybody for attending today we thank you for your uh membership and the

association we look forward to your participation in our next building my business webinar on February 16th with

that we will go ahead and end the webinar for today and say goodbye for now thank you all cheers

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