From 9th to 11th February, Konica Minolta Digital Services R&D and Konica Minolta Business Solutions France will present their Video Services and AI solutions at the second edition of the largest French event on Artificial Intelligence. With a focus on AI Studio, a tool which enables everyone to build their own AI model, Konica Minolta confirms its acceleration in the monitoring and video solution services field and opens up a set of research and development activities.

Approaching the remarkable milestone of 150 years in business, Konica Minolta and its R&D teams will be at the A12 booth of World AI Cannes Festival from 9th to 11th February 2023, to present existing solutions and services for digital workplaces and to introduce the latest and more innovative AI tools. Considering its history in imaging and data processing capabilities, Konica Minolta has kept evolving to solve issues faced by society, with a clear focus on connecting people with intelligently analysed data.

That’s why, at the Festival in Cannes, the team of Konica Minolta will demonstrate valuable solutions which enable effective decision making for industrial applications and for information and document management. To discover more about how AI’s evolution in human activities and businesses, on 9th February at 3:30 PM Dennis Curry, Konica Minolta Inc. ICT Fellow & CT Europe, will present a workshop about “AI and the Genius of Things”.

The Video Solutions and Services France team will be present at the show, experts will highlight the following solutions and use case:

  • one totem integrating the latest range of our sensors and intelligent cameras embedded with AI.
  • These technologies allow end customers to move from passive to pro-active security.
  • In addition to the totem, two flagship innovations will be presented:
    • One solution for reading contextual information (ID card, plate reading, container reading using OCR)
    • One facial recognition solution.

Konica Minolta France is currently structuring itself to market the AI offering throughout the country. This business represents a major growth driver for the Group. The France Business Unit is currently expanding its workforce with the aim of increasing sales volume by 2023 and establishing Konica Minolta’s position in the AI market.

AI Studio: a tool by Konica Minolta to make AI accessible
Across many industries, there appears to be no one-fit-all AI solution as every company has its own products, processes, and problems. Therefore, every new installation requires high level of customisation to satisfy the strict requirements given by the end user and their customer. Then Konica Minolta Digital Services R&D has developed AI Studio, a solution and approach which enables scalability and makes it easy for everyone to extend the use of machine learning tools. This solution developed by Konica Minolta helps automate work tasks and improve efficiency and security levels in digital manufacturing, document management and in intelligent and connected workplaces.

SOURCE Konica Minolta