IoT sensors and smart building management can improve collaboration and wellness in It may be one of the greatest pet peeves for teachers. You get some fancy new technology to use in the classroom, oohs and aahs abound, but it’s incompatible or difficult to use with existing software and other systems. Or you need to learn an entirely new system, so it becomes a major time investment that counters what you thought you’d save with the technology. In fact, a SAM Labs report found that more than one-third of teachers spend their free time learning tech that they need to use in the classroom. “A” for effort, but after all the work they do with our kids, teachers need a break!

What educators need – and what will invariably make their jobs easier – is technology that can link up to existing devices seamlessly and that will require minimal effort to learn. This is where having an open platform solution can provide huge benefits. For interactive displays, open platform is essentially an agnostic tool that can connect with any other devices in the classroom environment.

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SOURCE Sharp Electronics