How Riso’s ComColor™ ink jet Printer helped the Red Cross Increase Productivity

One Florida Chapter of the American Red Cross serves more than 2 million residents across several counties, and operates offices in five major cities and an Air Force Base. Last year, the chapter reached 136,000 families in the region with such services as disaster relief and education, nurse assistant training, CPR/First Aid, caregiving, medical transportation and more.

With its heavy focus on education, the chapter prints thousands of course catalogs each year. The organization has long used RISO’s digital printing technologies in its in-house operations, and recently added a ComColor™ ink jet printer to enhance its capabilities and leverage the impact of color in its documents.

“One of our major jobs is to print catalogs for Health and Safety programs offered by the Red Cross. A typical run is 8,000 catalogs with four pages printed in multiple colors. For a long time, we were using an older RISO Printer-Duplicator to do the job. This technology is very reliable and allowed us to print the catalogs economically and as needed. However, we began incorporating a lot of color into our catalogs. That meant we had to run the pages through the system in separate passes for each color because the orher model was designed for spot color,” says their IT administrator.

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