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Comment by Olaf Lorenz, Senior General Manager, Digital Transformation Division, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

The year ahead offers label and packaging companies / converters many new opportunities in digital printing as the world rethinks and heads to a period of stability after recovering from the rigours of a pandemic.

Gone are the days when packaging and labels were designed merely to be useful or practical as a way to identify or protect goods and products. Especially with the rise of digital production, labels and packaging is now an integral part of the branding and entire purchase experience. Using variable data and customized, bespoke solutions paves the way for providers to increase profit margins.Driving a valuable marketing vehicle with digital production

Continuing innovations in technology will continue to enable packaging to expand a traditional functional role of transporting something in a container or a label identifying ‘what’s inside’ into a valuable marketing vehicle.  Trends for 2022 will include enhanced finishing such as embellishment, increased automation, online print purchasing and webshops, plus, of course, the unstoppable analogue to digital transition.

Demands will continue to increase for complete start-to-finish manufacturing process with more all-in-one solutions, as well as a need for production devices that need fewer and less-skilled operators.

Vital tools to convey information and enhance branding

We know that labels and packaging will continue to form the supply chains of basic necessities and provide vital tools to convey information and enhance branding. Healthcare, pharmaceutical and food and drink sectors are among the sectors that will continue to be growth areas for digital label and package printing in the future.

Brands will also use digital to provide more engagement and greater interest in their products – all in a more sustainable environment. Responding quickly with highly automated systems producing small quantities is a way of succeeding, helping brands to satisfy the rapidly changing demands of their own customers.

Simplifying production to meet rapid response demands

Aligning strategies and tactics with the forces influencing competition and customer expectations are essential, while at the same time simplifying production to meet rapid response demands from an ever-more discerning client base. Software is also a crucial component in the desire for increased profitability.

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