The Future of the Workplace is Now

Welcome to the future. When you look at today’s technology like self-driving cars, robotics and artificial intelligence, it’s easy to think we’ve landed in a sci-fi film. But go ahead and pinch yourself — this is reality. However, futuristic technology isn’t just about devices that look like they could have come out of Star Trek. There are some things that were at the top of the “predictions for the future” lists just a couple of years ago – check out this Forbes article from November 2019 – “The 5G And IoT Revolution Is Coming: Here’s What To Expect,” for example. In predicting the futuristic technologies 5G and the IoT would make possible, the article noted, “5G can send data to and from as many as a million devices per square kilometer, compared to 100,000 devices per square kilometer using today’s 4G networks. When those devices are not just smartphones and tablets, but also industrial sensors, wearables, medical devices and vehicles, businesses and governments can provide services and capabilities that were never before possible.”

Yesterday’s predictions are today’s reality. As we begin 2022, those devices are busy providing services in highly connected school, work and home environments, making so much possible that it feels like the future is truly here.

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SOURCE Sharp Electronics Corporation

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