Experience the Clover Advantage with Clover’s OEM Print Partner Program

Many OEMs just offer a solution or product and then disappear once it’s in place. When you partner with Clover, you’ll also be able to provide training and support to help your customers feel more comfortable and trust you for future deals.

  • Data sharing is NOT required.
  • No minimums. No restrictions to use our product to margin mix in aggressive bid situations.
  • No jumping through hoops. We are flexible in doing business the way that works for you.
  • We believe you should keep your team focused on growing your business and selling not on needless admin work.
  • Clover offers customized marketing and program support.
  • Clover Product Advantages:
  • Lower cost, higher margins
  • Environmentally friendly
  • North American Made

At Clover, no one is excluded. There are no program penalties for not sharing data, no wondering where you stand or if you are going to be jettisoned out of the program.

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