IBPI’s New Website. Let’s Dealers Search for Products and Services Unlike Any Other

IBPI is the biggest buyer’s group in the copier industry.

If you’re selling office equipment, there are savings to be had, even with vendors you already working with.

Recently, we noticed that IBPI had updated their website and their executive director Mark Grice was more than kind in his offer to take us through it.

There’s a lot to see on the updated site, especially if you’re one of their 500+ members.

Today, we take a look at the vendor search function members are able to use when they come to the news website.

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What is IBPI?

IBPI is the office equipment industry’s largest buying group. Our members get best in class pricing from our vendors and a rebate check every year based on their purchases. We currently have over 30 vendor programs and we are over 500 members strong and growing. We are always looking for new members and vendors to become a part of our group.

Come join us today!

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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