How to Plan for Growth or Recovery

By Howie Fenton, Rochester Software Associates: Although the pandemic challenges remain, there is typically a sense of new hope associated with the beginning of a new year. It does not matter if you are “struggling and treading water” or “going gangbusters.” January is a good time to plan for the changes that will result in the new normal. In this article, we discuss what the new normal might look like, how to plan for growth, how to deal with new staffing issues called the “the great resignation,” and how to research and identify the root causes of lingering low volumes and overcome them.

This article is broken into two sections: the first part is for companies anticipating a natural return of volume and growth, and the second part is for those remaining slow or expecting declines. It is entirely possible that those in-plants that have been fortunate in finding new products such as pandemic information brochures, face shields, or floor graphics could see declining volumes. In contrast, those that experienced declines when staff worked from home could expect an organic increase in volume as staff return to the office.

Anticipating Growth

If you anticipate growth, then plan for growth. While some work will return naturally, it may not return to pre-pandemic demand because supply chain issues will continue to increase prices and delay materials deliveries. But the one issue that will not fade away is the staffing issue. Did you have to reduce staff? Will growth require more staff? Where will you find them?

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